Urmărirea elementelor sursă deschisă pentru toate platformele de geocaching

GeoKrety Toolbox - GKT

Afișează paginile cu obiecte călătoare GeoKrety pe geocaching.com şi facilitează plasarea obiectelor călătoare GeoKrety în geocaching.


This script was written to build a bridge between the most popular geocaching.com site and geokrety.org. It has two functions. Once you enter a particular cache page on geocaching.com it will automatically check if there are any GeoKrety (items tracked on geokrety.org) inside that cache and show the result in the inventory section on the right hand side of the screen (below the existing list of Travelbugs and Geocoins). If you have an account on geokrety.org you can also easily drop GeoKrety into Geocaching caches because the waypoint code and coordinates are automatically copied over onto the logging form on geokrety.org.

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Note: the "Drop a GK in this cache" feature will probably require you to disable "Cookie tracking protection" otherwise the addon will not detect your authentication on GeoKrety.org