#Register on geokrety.org

Even if it’s not mandatory to have an account on geokrety.org for logging GeoKrety, registration is highly recommended. It will ease drop / grab and will allow you to create new GeoKrety ! This account will be necessary if you plan to use Geokrety Logger (Android application) or c:geo (Android application).

Register is quite simple, just fill in the registration form.

A last recommended step, is to specify your home coordinates.

Log a move

alt text

In order to log a GeoKret, you have to authenticate on the geokrety.org website then you can log a GeoKret.

#Log is done in 4 steps :

##1. Log type alt text

Here, you may choose between 5 possibilities.

* “I’ve dropped a GeoKret“,
* “I’ve grabbed a GeoKret“,
* “I’ve met GeoKret“,
* “I’ve dipped a GeoKret“,
* “Comment“.

##2. Identify GeoKret alt text

Fill in the « GeoKret Tracking Number ». A check is automatically done after pressing the 6th character.

##3. New Location alt text

Fill in the geocache « waypoint ». For most geocaching services, geokrety.org website automatically lookup coordinates.

alt text However, geocaching.com service doesn’t allow automatic coordinates retrieving. If no GeoKrety has already visited the cache in question, you will get the following message. Do not panic;)

alt text You’ll have to manually enter the exact coordinates of the cache. Copy / Paste is your friend!

alt text alt text

If you are logged in on the site, your “name” is already filled, otherwise, enter your username.

Then the date and time of the movement.

Add if you want a small message, it will still enjoy its owner!

4. End

Finish by submitting the form.