You can install c:geo from :


c:geo application permit to see and log GeoKrety since about 2015 June.

Consulting the objects do not require authentication or configuration on your side. If an object is in a cache, and you have an internet connection, they appear in the inventory tab.

To log a move, you must have an account on the site (if this is not the case, you will need to create one).



Log a GeoKret only

  1. Find the GeoKret using the « Reference Code ».
  2. Select the icon « Log » (Pen),
  3. Choose the « Log Type »
  4. Enter the date and time of the movement,
  5. Enter the « GeoCache ID », if you have already opened the corresponding GeoCache, the coordinates will be automatically filled, otherwise you’ll have to fill them manually,
  6. Enter the « Tracking Code »,
  7. Add a little message,
  8. Click « Send » button.

Log along with a GeoCache

Note: If you have activated the « Service – », if you have GeoKrety in your inventory, and if your internet connexion is activated, then you should see GeoKrety you have on the screen of a log cache.